Say Hello! to BuzzerBoy™

Buzzerboy takes your customer and stakeholder interaction, and conversion game to a whole new level.

We use our robust artificial intelligence (AI)-driven framework to quickly, and cheaply modernize how you interact, engage and convert your customers:

Interaction Systems

  • AI-ify your apartment's lobby door for AirBnB and Short-term Rentals using voice recognition;
  • Interactive voice response systems for your small business;
  • Chatbot with Facebook, WhatsApp, and other Social media integration for your online store;
  • Audio/Video interaction systems (ex: Video chat, online interviews) and peer-to-peer communication using MediaRecorder and WebRTC
  • Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer eCommerce

  • Automate your quotation, estimation and conversion platform for business-to-business (b2b) commerce;
  • E-Commerce solutions using Wordpress, Shopify and other third-party solutions for Business-to-consumer (b2c) commerce;
  • Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder interaction systems, and stakeholder-to-stakeholder intra-commerce;
  • Portals and Online Marketplace solutions

  • Develop custom and beautiful online portals, and customer intake solutions using Cloud Technologies;
  • Custom and niche online marketplace and aggregator solutions;

Automate your apartment’s lobby door

No more AirBnB key exchange
When your AirBnB, VRBO or HomeAway guest wants to check in, BuzzerBoy can open the lobby door automatically, and send you a notification. So you don't have to anxiously look at your phone waiting for them to arrive.

No more delivery calls
When you're expecting a postal delivery, you can give the postman a temporary passcode. BuzzerBoy can let them in when they arrive, so you can focus on that important meeting instead.

When your tenant or guest orders pizza for delivery or Uber Eats or has their guests come for a visit, BuzzerBoy can automatically open the lobby door.

Keep it secure
You can assign your guest different passcodes that only they know. You can use the BuzzerBoy portal or app to enable and disable passcodes easily with your smartphone.

Small business Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

Stay secured and informed with Buzzerboy App

  • Give your small business the feel of a large organization.
  • Increase your productivity by routing calls to the right people automatically.
  • No need for telephone systems. Employees can receive calls on their smartphones.
  • Pick your voice, and pick your plan. Customize the system to match your branding.

BuzzerBoy for Everyone

Virtual apartment keys for families
When your kids come home from school, or back from their friends' homes. You can give them a BuzzerBoy passcode. This way they will never be locked out again, and BuzzerBoy will send you a notification, so you know that you're kids are home safe and sound.

Condominium rentals
With BuzzerBoy, you can de-activate, disable or create new passcodes in real time using the BuzzerBoy app or portal. You can easily scale and manage turnovers without having to fill out forms to update your condominiums intercom system.

Smart apartment intercom
If your building has an intercom system, you can use BuzzerBoy to make it smart. BuzzerBoy will work with your existing intercom system without any need for a screw driver or any hardware at all. You'll be able to keep track of who came in and when using the BuzzerBoy app. You can also use the app to decide when you want BuzzerBoy to take calls, and when you want to take intercom calls yourself with a simple click of a button.

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