About BuzzerBoy

BuzzerBoy is a technology company with aim to provide telephony and artificial intelligence based solutions to the small business sector. Our vision is to operate the company as a partner, rather than as a vendor.


BuzzerBoy was founded by AirBnB Hosts who had a challenge of exchanging keys to their apartment with guests. We had a challenge with condominium buildings because we could not install lockboxes and smart locks on condominium’s lobby doors. Naturally, we looked to artificial intelligence to use voice recognition to automate lobby door’s buzzer/intercom systems.

As the company evolved, we use the same BuzzerBoy technology to be more effective landlords as well. We, as previous AirBnB hosts, also became landlords, we realized, its a lot of work to manage tenant turnover. So we used the same BuzzerBoy technology to create new products and services.

Vision and Goals

We hope to work with our partners to evolve the BuzzerBoy technology to solve business problems.


We like to operate our business as partners rather than clients or vendors with aim to strategically work together towards mutual success. If there are ways we can collaborate together, please feel free to reach out.


We’re based primarily out of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. However, our partners are located in several cities across Canada and United States.


Flex Property Development
Short and Suite BnB
Health and Safety Communication Boards
S&T Properties 
SiteGround Internet Services