AirBnB in Calgary – The new regulation regime

We hear new about the gloomy economic situation in Calgary, and Alberta in general. What most people don’t know is that the gloomy real estate market has created great investment opportunities for those looking to get-into or expand their Airbnb or short term rental investment in calgary.

City of Calgary recently voted to allow AirBnB, VRBO and other short term rental platform operators to obtain a license. The short term rental and airbnb hosts need to register with the city for a $100 business license, and it applies properties with one (1) to four (bedroom). The licensing requirements come into effect on February 1st, 2020.

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In certain larger properties where ten (10) or more people can be accommodated at any given time, a $295 special license must be obtained along with a fire safety inspection.

More information can be found on City of Calgary’s website.

As vacancy rates increase in traditional real estate market, more and more condominiums and apartment buildings are allowing owners to rent their apartment to visitors and corporate travelers. Several companies have built great businesses in several buildings in Calgary’s downtown core.

Buzzerboy’s automated voice authentication system is being used in several airbnb units in Calgary, and Edmonton. The hosts have other businesses, jobs, or several properties to manage. Its difficult for them to meet guests to give them the keys.

Hosts are turning to Buzzerboy to automate their check-in process. Basically, guest arrives at the airbnb apartment, and proceeds to the intercom system. In their check-in instructions, they are provided the code to call. Guest dials the code, and speaks with an AI service. The AI service asks them for a second pass code. If the guest says the pass code correctly, the Buzzerboy’s AI system unlocks the lobby door, and guest proceeds to the apartment.

At the apartment, the host has installed an August lock – which is also provided by Buzzerboy. The guest can use the August lock app to unlock the apartment door automatically.

The main reasons Airbnb and other STR hosts have turned to Buzzerboy is because of condominium rules. Condominium apartment owners are not able to install any physical devices on common areas such as the lobby or even the exterior of the apartment door. Buzzerboy’s technology integrates with the existing intercom system, and does not require any hardware installation. Basically a zero-foot-print install.

If you are an airbnb host in Calgary, or a short term rental property management service based in Calgary. Contact us, and we can set you up with Buzzerboy for free, so you can try it for yourself.

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