Quarterly BuzzerBoy Subscription (USD)


What is Buzzerboy?

BuzzerBoy is a voice artificial intelligence (AI) service that can open your apartment's lobby door automatically using voice recognition.

When your guest calls your intercom, BuzzerBoy will ask them for a passcode. If they say the correct passcode, BuzzerBoy will open the lobby door, and send you a notification.

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How Buzzerboy Works


Guests for Buzzerboy apartment

When you are expecting a guest, delivery person or whomever to arrive you can give them your intercom code. For most people, the intercom code is provided to them by their property manager, building custodian or superintendent. In some smaller buildings, this could also be a button at lobby entrance. When the guest arrives at your door, they will dial this code into the intercom system (or press your intercom button). The intercom system will make a telephone call to your unique Buzzerboy telephone number. We provide you a unique telephone number that you own, and its included in your Buzzerboy package.

Automate your apartment's lobby door using voice recognition



Buzzerboy's artificial intelligence service, which runs in the cloud, answers the call, and asks the guest for a passcode. A passcode is a simple
English word from Buzzerboy's dictionary. If the guests answers the passcode correctly, Buzzerboy will send a signal through the telephone line to the intercom system to open the door. Buzzerboy is compatible with almost all intercom systems.



Once the door is opened, Buzzerboy will let the guest know that the door is open, and it will also send you a notification to inform you that the door it has opened the door for your guest. Buzzerboy will also tell you which passcode was used to open the door.