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Introduce a friend to BuzzerBoy and you each get $25 toward your subscriptions.

Tell your friends about BuzzerBoy and you can earn credit toward your own service. Your friend will also receive free service. See below for more details about our referral programs.

BuzzerBoy has two referral programs:

$25 Referral Credit

Help a friend sign up and activate BuzzerBoy, and we will automatically credit you $25 toward your service. Even if your friend cancels after the free service period, you will still receive your credit. However, they must activate and use the service for at least one month.

$25 Cash for Non-Members and Affiliates

If you’re not a member, simply create an account, and within 24 hours you will receive a coupon code. Share this coupon code with a friend. Once they sign up for a paid service, your account will be credited with $25 worth of service. They will receive six months of service for half price.

Once your friend has paid their first invoice, and started receiving the service, we’ll send you a payment via PayPal. Contact us for more details.

Franchise and Business Opportunities

We’re looking to expand BuzzerBoy into different cities across the world. We’re looking for city managers who are interested in starting their own business with $0 initial investment.

It’s a pretty simple idea. We will work with you to do some preliminary research for your city, and help you develop a plan. You will receive portions of revenue generated from your region. Contact us for more details.